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Mold damage around a recessed ceiling light

Middletown Mold Damage Remediation by SERVPRO

A Middletown homeowner contacted SERVPRO for mold damage remediation after visible growth appeared around a recessed ceiling light. SERVPRO technicians scoped the area and determined how much the mold colonies spread within the structure to ensure the efforts against the mold infestation inhibited any return of the problem.

Room with stairs and partially removed carpet with subfloor exposed

Orlando Water Damage Gets Fast Restoration Services

This Orlando home had localized water damage affecting only a portion of the living room.Upon scoping the area, SERVPRO techs found a small part of the carpet received the effects and removed the minimum to dry the subfloor and lessen the repairs for the homeowner. 

 Fire damaged room with cinderblock walls and debris

Newburgh Fire Damage Inspection

Looking at this first glance at a Newburge fire damage job, you can see why it can be overwhelming to clean up for most homeowners. SERVPRO techs have extensive training to safely remove the charred debris and find articles to restore through their professional cleaning methods.

 Partially melted trophy with severe fire damage

Not Everything Makes It Out From Middletown Fire Damage

To give you an idea of how hot this Middletown house fire burned, the fire damage left behind melted this trophy. SERVPRO techs photograph and document articles too far gone for restoration to assist with expediting insurance claims.

SERVPRO technician hand with moisture meter in front of wall

Locating Areas of Water Damage in Warwick

This Warwick wall had water damage staining that felt dry to the touch. Upon using the moisture meter, the SERVPRO tech was able to pinpoint areas within the wall cavity that still contained water that needed extraction and drying. 

Damaged commercial roof with tarp

Montgomery Auto Shop Needs Commercial Water Damage Help

One of the key elements in cleanup after storm damage, such as in this Montgomery auto shop is the temporary repairs to halt any further water from entering the property. SERVPRO techs tarped over the damaged roof during mitigation until final repairs happened. 

Building with significant damage to walls and roof

The Car That Parked in The Campbell Hall Hair Salon

Not every SERVPRO job is cleanup of water, fire or mold. Sometimes the damage is from accidents such as happened in this Campbell Hall hair salon after a car slammed into the side of the building. The techs removed the debris and prepped the business for repairs to reopen.

technicians disinfecting commercial property

Commercial Cleaning Services In New Hampton

Our crew was contacted about cleaning services for Masons Marketplace in New Hampton. We disinfected the store and restaurant using advanced equipment and specialized cleaning techniques. Our experts were able to thoroughly clean this property. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

white-suited tech, spraying inside of RV

Marlboro COVID-19 Cleaning

A family member was infected with COVID-19. She stayed in the driveway of her Marlboro home, in voluntary isolation, in this RV. Our SERVPRO team, after donning a Tyvek suit and other PPE, personal protective equipment, proceeded to apply a disinfecant to the temporary home once our customer was back in her house. We got it cleaned and safe, ready for a road trip!

SERVPRO team member, donned in PPE, applying disinfecting spray in locker room

SERVPRO Helps a Local Business Reopen

We recently helped a local country club reopen to members by disinfecting their locker room. This picture shows a team member, donned in PPE, applying a disinfecting spray.

SERVPRO of North Orange County is a locally owned franchise, and we have the training and equipment to clean your business.

portrait photo of male with a full respirator

Proactive Cleaning and Disinfectant Application to a Newburgh Area Pharmaceutical Plant

Who else to call to clean and apply a disinfectant to a Newburgh area pharmaceutical manufacturing plant than SERVPRO? Our manager has donned a full Tyvek bodysuit and is posing in his self-contained respirator. We protect our employees with PPE personal protective equipment as they go about their business of applying EPA-criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 agents to the interior of the plant. We help to protect our community.

portrait photo of a female in full PPE

Newburgh Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant and Proactive Misting and Cleaning

Our SERVPRO employee is taking a moment to pose during the critical service she is performing for this Newburgh pharmaceutical plant. She is outfitted with a Tyvek suit, hood, goggles, respirator, and gloves during the cleaning and application of an EPA N-List agent. This proactive effort can help protect this plant during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Count on our biohazardous trained crew to help protect our neighbors.

House with fire damage and boarded up windows

Security During Fire Damage Cleanup in Goshen

This home in Goshen had extensive fire damage and needed cleanup. SERVPRO technicians removed debris, charred building materials, and smoke damage. To ensure the property remained secure and unauthorized persons stayed out, the techs placed boards over the windows and tarped the damaged room.

Networking Events in Orange County NY

Networking is a vital part of any business. SERVPRO is focused on building relationships so that we can work with other businesses to refer business. This helps us help our customers with more than our scope of services. 

New York State Mold Remediation Contractors

What is wrong with this picture? The reason why you should hire SERVPRO is that we are the professionals in Mold Remediation. New York State requires a license to be able to perform Mold Remediation. Do it your-selfers can be dangerous for yourself and could not fix the issue. Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Orange, Sullivan & S. Ulster Counties. 

Hurricane Irma

SERVPRO went to Florida to help with the devastation that occurred following Hurricane Irma. We were able to help 15 Homeowners and 4 Business owners get their life back together after wind and rain damage. 

Garage Fire

Here is a photo of the aftermath a fire in a Garage could look like. Luckily no one was hurt in the fire and it mostly stayed contained to that area. SERVPRO boarded up the home and started the cleaning process immediately for the homeowners. 

Fire Damage at Laundromat

Laundromat had a dryer fire that SERVPRO was called in to clean up. This photo shows the soot that came up the wall that needed to be cleaned. SERVPRO was able to work around the Laundromat and they were still able to stay open for business. 

Commercial Fire in School

We arrived on scene at a Commercial Fire in a school on a Friday Afternoon. Pictured here is one of our technicians working their way through the main areas HEPA Vacuuming up the soot debris. 

Log Cabin with Mold

Working with the homeowner blocking off the area that is not contaminated with mold so they are able to still live in the home while mold remediation is being completed. This is called containment. 

SERVPRO Cookie Lady

This is Rita. She is our Famous SERVPRO Cookie Lady. She makes over 5,000 cookies over a stretch of three weeks in December so our Marketing Department can give the joy of the holiday season to their clients! Only 7 months to go!

Helping out Billy Joe's Ribworks after Hurricane Sandy

SERVPRO was there to help Billy Joe's Ribworks in Newburgh, NY after Hurricane Sandy hit. We were the first people called in and we made it "Like it never even happened" Billy Joe's was up and running a short 3 days later.

Post Construction Cleaning

After Levi's did their open renovation, SERVPRO came in and cleaned all the construction dust and debris left behind! We helped get the store back up and running quickly!

Post Construction Cleaning

After Levi's did their open renovation, SERVPRO came in and cleaned all the construction dust and debris left behind! We helped get the store back up and running quickly!

Congratulations Brittany!

January 15, 2016 - Our Marketing Manager accepting the Certificate of Achievement from the Orange County Chamber of Commerce for being a member for 29 years.  We like to work with and meet other local businesses. 

A SERVPRO Birthday!

January 4, 2016 - At SERVPRO of Orange, Sullivan & S.Ulster Counties we like to celebrate our employees birthdays!  Here is our Warehouse Manager's, Dick, Birthday.  He loves to keep everything in order at our warehouse so we were happy to celebrate his Birthday. 

SERVPRO Spreading the Holiday Spirit

December 10, 2015 - SERVPRO of Orange, Sullivan & S.Ulster Counties like to give back to communities including the Pine Bush, NY Community.  This is one of our Office Administrators, Rita, and Marketing Manager, Brittany, at the Pine Bush Country Christmas Event. 

SERVPRO of Orange, Sullivan & S.Ulster Counties Own RISING STAR!

October 20, 2015 - Here is our Marketing Manager, Brittany, after she received the Orange County Rising Star Award.  The Young Professionals who receive this award exemplify community service and professional growth in the area.  Also pictured are Brad & Barbara, SERVPRO owners and Laura, General Manager.  

male employee using green SERVPRO equipment to clean a brick wall

We Do General Cleanings!

May 21, 2015 - SERVPRO of Orange, Sullivan & S.Ulster Counties performs general cleaning services.  This is a SERVPRO technician working on a post construction cleaning of a new restaurant in the area so they are able to open up on time. 

Snow covering a vehicle with the numbers 3423333 written in the snow

Want to Make It "Like it never even happened?"

February 14, 2015 - Even though winter storms try to slow us down at times, we are still there 24/7.  We will get there safely to mitigate your loss and help you on the road to recovery.  Call us anytime at 845-342-3333.  

Orange County Chamber of Commerce Building

May 6, 2016 - Here is a picture of a conference room at the Orange County Chamber of Commerce building in Montgomery, NY.  We cleaned the carpets to make sure the Chamber has a professional look at all times. 

Flooding After Hurricane Irene

This commercial loss was a flooding damage after Hurricane Irene. The water came into a commercial kitchen which caused dirt build up on the floor. SERVPRO came in and cleaned up the entire area. 

New Apartments Plagued by Water Damage

New high rise apartments were in the midst of getting put together. The contractors did not install the drains properly so when we received heavy rainfall the water came into the building instead of running off the roof. SERVPRO can even help in the middle of a commercial project. 

Shopping Mall

This picture is a back corridor of a shopping mall. In the picture it shows water that is throughout the hallway behind multiple stores. SERVPRO had to extract and disinfect the areas to make sure it was safe for customers and employees to go back into the areas. 

Frozen Pipes

When a frozen pipe bursts in a commercial building, SERVPRO goes all hands on deck. Even in snow, SERVPROs Team is there starting the water damage to make sure no secondary damage occurs

Bathroom Fire

This picture shows an accurate description of what a bathroom may look like after a fire occurs in a home. The fire was put out with water which caused the streaking in the bath tub and other areas.

Roof Fire

This fire started on the roof and spread. All the roofing materials, attic contents and ceiling came down into the home. This picture shows the clear daylight because there is no roof. This is the kitchen of the home. SERVPRO is there to help with the entire cleanup and reconstruction process. 

No Known Cause Fire

There was no cause and origin decided on this house which means the homeowners do not know how the fire started. It burned up the majority of the front of the home. SERVPRO came in a boarded up the basement area and extracted water from the basement. 

Smoke Damage

This shows how exact smoke rises in a fire situation. The smoke only got half way down the wall area. Unfortunately, when the soot is that heavy SERVPRO can prep to paint the walls, they will not be able to be completely cleaned. 

Stove Fire

This is a stove after a small kitchen fire occurred. No one was hurt in the fire but it shows the importance of not leaving anything on the stove unattended for a long period of time. 

Mold Damage After House Fire

This is a wall of a house that had a fire. The house was watered down and mold started to grow before the cause and origin was determined. This shows how easily mold can grow in a particular situation. 

Pink Mold

Some people are surprised when SERVPRO explains that mold can be several different shapes, colors and textures. This shows a pink color mold. There are over 10,000 different types of mold. 

Fluffy Mold

It is hard to see an exact picture of this but this mold is fluffy. It started growing on sheetrock that was wet for a long period of time. Mold grows in damp and dark places with a certain amount of humidity. 

Hidden Mold

Even though mold sometimes shows immediately from growing on sheetrock. Sometimes it could be growing for long periods of time within the walls of the sheetrock if a leak is not found right away. 

Mold Behind Sink

Mold damage could occur behind kitchen cabinets in a sink has a leak for a long period of time. The sink in this picture was leaking for over 6 months before the homeowners started realizing that they were getting charged a high amount of money for their water bill.

Roof Torn Off During Storm

This picture is of a commercial building ceiling after part of the roof tore off from high winds during a rain storm. Water came down into the area which caused damage to multiple units.

An Apartment Full of Mulch

This is not a sewer backup. This is a picture of an apartment that is full of mulch. The rain storm caused the front door to the apartment to blow off and all the rain and mulch from outside came in.

Commercial Drying Unit After Hurricane Irene

This is a picture of our commercial drying unit after Hurricane Irene hit our area. Drying is a necessity when a large commercial building is hit by water. This unit can dry out a 100,000 square foot building

SERVPRO of Orange, Sullivan & S.Ulster Counties is “Faster to any sized disaster!”

When multiple calls come in at once, SERVPRO calls in a team that is able to bring up a trailer that has more equipment to be able to get to more homeowner. Especially after heavy rain, SERVPRO needs more equipment so they can help more people who were affected by the storms. 

Water Damage After Storm

If you look on the wall next to the couch you can see the one and a half foot water line that was in the living room. That is flood water that came into the home during Hurricane Irene. There was also mulch and other dirt that came into the home from the outdoors. 

Water Damage After Storm

If you look on the wall next to the couch you can see the one and a half foot water line that was in the living room. That is flood water that came into the home during Hurricane Irene. There was also mulch and other dirt that came into the home from the outdoors. 

Sewer Backup in Unfinished Basement

This is a sewer backup in an unfinished basement. SERVPRO was called in to disinfect the area and clean to make sure homeowner felt comfortable to come back down into their basement. 

Apartment Complex Water Damage

This water leak occurred in an apartment complex. The apartment above had a water heater break which caused water to come down into the apartment below. Both units were affected but SERVPRO got them back together within 5 days. 

Water Damage From An Above Floor

Sometimes when water comes from an above floor the water can get behind the paint as it did in this pictures. It becomes a hazard because the wall becomes very weak to the level of moisture being contained to the paint and sheetrock. 

Sump Pump Failure In Basement

Sometimes a sump pump fails or the electricity goes out in a basement during a heavy storm. This causes an overflow of water into the basement. SERVPRO helps sort through contents and make sure important keep sake items are saved. 

De-laminating of Carpets

When a water damage occurs in a home on the carpet, depending on the age and type of carpet, the backing could delaminate. If this starts to occur, as seen in this picture, the carpet is no longer salvageable and needs to be removed.