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Floor Rot in Monticello, NY

10/5/2019 (Permalink)

sub floor with multi colors and rot This home in Monticello had a toilet leak and was not detected for an extended period. This is what the flooring looked like underneath the toilet.

Water damage can be happening in your home or office for periods of time without you noticing. This could cause a significant amount of secondary damage that you cannot see. 

Unfortunately, the weeks can go by without the damage creeping out where you can actually see it. Once it does is when you should call SERVPRO immediately. At this point is when we can decide how far the damage goes and what the next steps are. 

The secondary damage could include mold or rot. Both scenarios are not ideal, but SERVPRO is always here to help. If there is mold, we can take the necessary steps per the New York State Law. If there is rot, we will take the actions to mitigate it back to preloss condition. 

If you or a family member feels like there is an issue, please call us. We are here to help!

Making the right choice for Water Mitigation

10/5/2019 (Permalink)

interior of home with half the sheetrock ceiling out and wall out This home had a significant water issue, and as you can see, the line on the ceiling was cut evenly and is ready for an easy rebuild.

We agree water damage is not a great time in many of our customers' lives. At the moment you walk into your home and see water damage, you have many thoughts going through your head. 

  • Who is going to clean this up? 
  • How am I going to pay for this?
  • Why is this happening to me? 
  • How did this happen? 
  • Where is the water coming from? 

At this point, all of those questions need answers. We want to be that company that is top of mind to help you through the entire scenario. We can be that one person who can help answer all the questions above. 

You are also worried about the work being done correctly. SERVPRO of Orange, Sullivan & S. Ulster Counties has highly trained staff to ensure each step of the process is done by the book. Each piece of equipment is placed where it needs to be so that the materials in your home dry properly. Each material that needs to come out is cut precisely or taken out with care. We come into your home and treat it like we are the guests there. We make sure contents are out of the area and ensure that no contents are damaged during the process. 

Am I Covered?

10/3/2019 (Permalink)

Paper with the words insurance policy Insurance is extremely important when owning a home and/or building.

SERVPRO of Orange, Sullivan & S. Ulster Counties get a lot of questions about insurance and if a loss is covered. Our staff is fully trained to know how to answer these questions. We are not insurance agents, but we have a lot of experience with several different types of claims over our 30 years in business. Each claim is treated individually. We take our time getting all the information about the loss and determining what the best course of action would be. We walk people through each step of the way. 

Now for important tips for your insurance policy:

  1. Confirm you have an endorsement for sewer backup coverage. Sewer backups cause more damage than a regular water damage. As a restoration company, we also have to protect our employees with personal protective equipment, which includes additionals charges as well. 
  2. Confirm you have extra coverage for mold. Especially in New York State, there are stringent laws about mold remediation and have to be followed closely.
  3. If you own an older home or building, make sure you have code upgrade insurance god forbid something happens that you need to upgrade your entire electrical system or plumbing system. Both systems can become extremely costly, so for a little bit extra a month in insurance, it is worth it. 
  4. Additional Living Expense (ALE) is what is used if you have to move out of your house for a while to get the home rebuilt after any type of damage. ALE is used for hotels, food, or even a long term rental home. As you can imagine, this can become very pricy as well. 
  5. If you are renting, have renters insurance, especially if you are in a multi-unit facility. You may never believe you will have a loss, but what if your neighbor falls asleep with a pan on the stove and it catches fire. Your entire apartment's contents may be non-salvageable. Your renter's insurance is what pays you back for your contents.
  6. When going to get renters insurance, be realistic on the price range of all of your personal belongings. Remember all the small items, as well. One bottle of spice is $3, but if you have 100 of them, that is $300. The money accumulates quickly, so do not skimp on the insurance. 
  7. There are things in life you can get for cheap, insurance should not be one of them. Take your time, find the best agent, and get the right coverage. 

SERVPRO is here to help with any questions that may arise. 

Tornado in Newburgh, NY

10/3/2019 (Permalink)

top of roof with glass shards second floor This photo is just one of the many houses that had damage after the tornado. This home is only one of the windows that had the glass blown out.

When you live in New York, you do not think of Tornadoes. Well, we were all surprised this year when a tornado touched down in Newburgh. Our houses are not made to withstand a tornado that touches down and barrels through a town. The whole city was in shock as were the homeowners in surrounding areas, which had damage to their homes. 

Types of damages we mostly saw were trees on houses or broken windows due to trees or wind. These damages are luckily covered by insurance, but due to the number of houses affected and the little amount of tree removal companies, the homes developed secondary damage. This additional damage included mold growth throughout the home due to moisture and humidity. There were damages smaller that were a small amount of shingle damage but still caused interior water damage. 

During this time, Newburgh all joined together to help the locals who were affected by the tornado. SERVPRO was able to donate their generator to help a florist without power to keep their refrigerators running that had the flowers for the local college graduation that upcoming weekend. 

Sewer Backup in Middletown, NY

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

bathroom with sewer water and debris This is the bathroom where the sewer city line clogged and backed up into the bathroom.

Sewer Backups - We can help!

When people think water damage, they automatically think about flooding but there are several other types of damages that can occur. One of the worst types of water damages are sewer backups. You will see in the picture actual sewer that shows that it no only came up through the toilet but also the shower. This type of sewer backup was caused by a clog in the main city line. Unfortunately these homeowners were not aware this is something that could have happened in their home. 

This homeowner called SERVPRO after seeing the commercials on TV hoping we could help. We were able to go to the home, start the cleanup, help with the odor and give the homeowners their bathroom back. 

If it is clean water or sewer water, SERVPRO of Orange, Sullivan & S. Ulster Counties can help you with any type of water damage. 

Prevent Fire Damage in Newburgh NY

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

This picture shows how a small kitchen fire can escalate quickly causing additional damage.

Each day there is a worry that a fire might occur in your home. There is not always a way to prevent a house fire. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind to do what you can to prevent a house fire:

1. Test your smoke alarms regularly. Each time change, change the batteries

2. Inspect all heating sources in the home. This includes pilot lights and candles. Make sure all candles are only burning when you are in the room.

3. Maintain and clean your dryer vents. Lint mustn't fill up the dryer vent.

4. If you are cooking, do not leave your kitchen. The most important one is boiling water or frying chicken. It is vital to make sure you keep an eye on whatever you are cooking. 

These are a few short steps you can keep in mind when being fire safe in your home. 

Check out our website for more details!

Small Storm Damage leads to Large Interior Damage

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

One shingle falling off from your home could cause extensive damage on the inside. Whether your home is in Newburgh NY or Ellenville NY, we can help!

Even though you may have been lucky not to have a tree fall into your house, have your windows broken into or have an electrical fire due to a shortage: you could have a shingle missing you may not see. 

One shingle off of a roof could cause a substantial amount of damage inside a home. This shingle piece could have flown off during the storm and maybe in a location on your roof you cannot see. At this point, that void in the roof will allow water to come into the home. This may be an easy place to see, like in the middle of the bedroom ceiling or it could be trickling down a wall where you do not see it for an extended period of time. This damage could become substantial and could cause secondary damage like mold in a home. It is essential after any storm damage to thoroughly check around your home to ensure no damage is hiding. 

If damage does become apparent at any time, please call the cleanup team at SERVPRO to help in any way we can. Check out our website for more information on how we can help you with storm damage. 

Pet's Alive - Middletown, NY

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Donations we were able to provide after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

SERVPRO is a massive supporter of Pet's Alive in Middletown New York. They are a non-profit animal shelter. SERVPRO can provide them with supplies to keep the animals safe and happy in their time of need. We donate personal protective suits for when kittens come in with fleas, and the employees need to be protected. We also give food, gloves, and flea/tick collars for the animals. 

Pet's Alive also takes in dogs when hurricanes hit other shelters throughout the country. Pet's Alive took in 12 dogs from Houston area in Texas and was able to give them homes here. SERVPRO of Orange County put on a fundraiser to help raise money and supplies for those dogs from the hurricane relief. 

SERVPRO loves to give back and support local charities across Orange County and beyond. It is a massive aspect of our local service we feel is extremely important as a local business to be a part of. Each day, as long as one animal is getting taken care of, we are happy to help. Pet's Alive is a fantastic organization to be a part of! Check out their website here

Fire Damage in Chester New York

7/7/2019 (Permalink)

Photo shows the cause of loss area where most of the severe fire damage was contained to in Chester NY.

This fire damage occurred around 6 PM at night. There was a homeowner of a neighboring unit who saw the smoke starting to exit the garage. He called the fire department immediately. The fire department arrived onsite but was a little to late. The fire engulfed the middle unit of a five unit building. Most of immediate damage was contained to the main unit in the middle which is shown in the photo. Unfortunately the homeowners lost everything in their home. 

SERVPRO was called in to help the neighboring units as well as board up the windows of the standing units. This was all completed on a Saturday. SERVPRO was able to help each homeowner individually with their different needs. We were able to pack out the salvageable contents, clean contents they were looking to save and threw out materials that were burnt. 

The property manage also hired SERVPRO of Orange County to clean up the debris from the fire department and burnt building material that was in the driveways. We helped in all aspects. 

SERVPRO is always here to help. 

Storm Damage in Marlboro, NY

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

Lots of debris and contents all around causing an expansive scope of work for the SERVPRO crew in Marlboro.

Here at SERVPRO of Orange County, we understand how badly some storms can affect our customers. Not only do they do damage to the homes and businesses to so many individuals but they also cause a tremendous amount of stress. We are here to alleviate that stress and restore your home back to the way it once was prior to the damage. This job classifies as storm damage as you can see the amount of debris on the floor when looking at the picture. Our crew went in with the proper tools to get rid of all the garbage and debris and make this home look like a home again. Our customer was very happy with the level of professionalism we provided. It’s easy to get worked up when something like this happens to you but don’t worry SERVPRO is #heretohelp.