Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage After Storm

If you look on the wall next to the couch you can see the one and a half foot water line that was in the living room. That is flood water that came into the home during Hurricane Irene. There was also mulch and other dirt that came into the home from the outdoors. 

Sewer Backup in Unfinished Basement

This is a sewer backup in an unfinished basement. SERVPRO was called in to disinfect the area and clean to make sure homeowner felt comfortable to come back down into their basement. 

Apartment Complex Water Damage

This water leak occurred in an apartment complex. The apartment above had a water heater break which caused water to come down into the apartment below. Both units were affected but SERVPRO got them back together within 5 days. 

Water Damage From An Above Floor

Sometimes when water comes from an above floor the water can get behind the paint as it did in this pictures. It becomes a hazard because the wall becomes very weak to the level of moisture being contained to the paint and sheetrock. 

Sump Pump Failure In Basement

Sometimes a sump pump fails or the electricity goes out in a basement during a heavy storm. This causes an overflow of water into the basement. SERVPRO helps sort through contents and make sure important keep sake items are saved. 

De-laminating of Carpets

When a water damage occurs in a home on the carpet, depending on the age and type of carpet, the backing could delaminate. If this starts to occur, as seen in this picture, the carpet is no longer salvageable and needs to be removed.